Wednesday, 26 March 2014

It's for 'chariddy mate'

Training partner

May the 2nd to the 5th, I will be running in the Great Lakeland 3Day .This is(unsurprisingly) a three day fell race, in the Lakeland hills.
  I am doing this to raise money for Breast Cancer Care . A great charity that:

Combine personal experiences of people affected by breast cancer with clinical expertise, using this in a unique way to:
  • provide information and offer emotional and practical support
  • bring people affected by breast cancer together
  • campaign for improvement in standards of support and care
  • promote the importance of early detection

I would be ever so grateful if you could support this worthy cause, by sponsoring me.
Here is my Just Giving page.

Much appreciated

Nice vid of the 2012 GL3Day

Harder than any training.
Getting a selfie with the hound

Thursday, 20 February 2014


Black Rocks, Run and play

Since the New Year, I have been trying to string some training together. Not quite a formal training plan but I would like to be fit enough, for this years Great Lakeland 3Day . The idea being to be fit enough to enjoy it and not to, just suffer for three days.

The plan for my Saturday morning run, was to head up to Black Rocks for a couple of laps around the trail and to do a bit of easy; scrambling/ bouldering.

unfortunately half way around the first lap, this happened.
Strangely, apart from being a bit lopsided and having no grip on my left foot. It was quite pleasant. Even scrambling up the rocks wasn't a problem as smearing with a sock, works OK on gritstone.

View from the

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Damp as an Otter's Pocket

Flood planes of the River Derwent doing their thing
I had not done this 'from the door' route since the monsoon season started. Part of the run is alongside the Derwent and most years it floods. Unsurprisingly, this year it is full on, otter's pocket.

 Time to get wet.

Up to the mut's armpits = just below my knees.

Billys tribute to; Black Bag, the Faithful Border Bin Liner.
Quickly lad. The footpath is flooded and that stick is in trouble.

Phew that was close! Well done lad the stick is saved. 

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Northern Souls

Walsh PB vs Inov8 Mudclaw 300

 Walsh or Inov8? The old master or the Pretender to the throne.

After PB vs Billy B and Mudclaw vs muddy paw , it's time for the big one.

First up in the blue corner; Walsh PB Trainers.
Invented in the early 13th centuary. It seems like Bolton's finest, have been legging it up and down the uplands of the UK forever and with good reason.....  They work. 

 For years I had discounted them, due to their old fashioned looks. Surely shoes that look like that, must be uncomfortable....  Wrong. The simple uppers are slipper-like. Yes, at first they feel a little close fitting but then mould to your feet, as soon as you start running. I find the heal fit baggy but have had no problems with them coming off, no matter how boggy the conditions. The soles just grip. The price for this is the studs wear down fast.
 The mid-sole is Firm, springy and low to the ground. The goldilocks of mid-soles for me.

styling         retro
Made in       UK
Weight         268g
RRP              £70
Marketing    Werthers Original

Over in the Yellow corner; Inov8 Mudclaw 300
Inov8 have just celebrated their 10th year of shoemaking and this is the latest incarnation of their highly sucessful, Mudclaw.
My first fell shoes were a pair of Mudclaw 270s. A great shoe l  would still be using 270s but Inov8 messed about with them.
Back to the 300s. Again a soft upper and a grippy sole. The fit is wider at the toe box and narrower at the heal.
The mid-sole is more cushioned than the Walshes and less springy. They also feel higher up.
Mudclaw studs are bigger than the Walshes, Pyramid grip, taking longer to wear down but surprisingly I can not feel any extra grip, except in the deepest and steepest of mud.

styling       Cool kicks
Made in     China
Weight       300g
RRP            £90
Marketing  Smashing out ossumness

The verdict: Shoe choice is so subjective, all I can do is give my opinion, so here goes.
I am more than happy to run and race in either of these shoes. However the winners for me are............ The Walshes. They beat the Inov8s by being cheaper, made in the UK and their firmer, springier midsoles, help my shonky big toes.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Trial by ordeal.

The Rucksack Club Kinder Trial 2014
It started out like this...
The 2014 Kinder Trial was unfinished businesses for Ray and I.  In 2012 we had a DNF, due to a punch card error and we didn't even make the start of the 2013 KT, due being snowed in.

The KT format is simple. At the start you are given a map, pre-marked with 16 controls(check points). All controls must be visited but in any order. 
The course planner had planned cunningly, with no obvious route choices. Which made it all the more fun. 
Lynne of Running Delights about to head off

No snow this year

Ray enjoying himself

Control #7 Stream Gully

A sting in the tail. South Head & Mount Famine

............And ended like this

Many thanks to RO Andy Howie an his team for a cracking day out.
A top event with soup and cake at the finish.

Oh! we managed to finish this year too.

More KT bloggings from Zephr and Ian Charters

Saturday, 21 December 2013


Tian Tan Buddha

Self indulgent holiday snaps
Featuring; mountains and martial arts(sort of). 

Shan Men(mountain Gate)

Highly reccomended. Free Tai Chi Chuan classes with
William Ng And Pandora Wu Courtesy of the Hong kong Tourism Board

Hands and elbows, knees and feet
Don't mess with the hotel staff in Thailand. They know Muay Thai

Working on my Buddha belly