Sunday, 5 September 2010

Peak Practice

After years of using OS maps ( badly ). I needed  some practice using Harveys maps. The Rab uses Harveys maps  so I marked up a 1:25000 Superwalker map with the controls from one of last years Mini MMs and headed off to the Peak.

The weather was much better than the 50mile an hour wind and torrential rain, we had last November. The vis was good and it was cool enough for running with just a gentle breeze.

The route was up Grindslow, down into Grindsbrook Clough, up to the top, down into Crowden Clough, up the other side to the Woolpacks
then back down Crowden to the Pennine Way and home to Edale. A nice little run with no major mistakes. 


  1. hmmm, so maybe i will follow you then ;)

  2. nice shots / route steve
    i think i have photo-frame envy ;-)

  3. Kate; I don't know what happened. I am usually navigationally challenged.

    UC; The pictures are better than my running and map reading.

  4. Looks like a nice easy "hum drum" sort of a run ;-)
    I've used harveys race maps in a couple of fell races and have to say I struggle with them a bit. I've gone back to scanning relevent sections of OS maps and carrying them in plastic wallets.

  5. Lightning; The maps for the Rab mm will be Harveys.
    I do like them but it takes some getting used to.


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