Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Peak Practice #2

The mermaids pool

More of the same. This time using some of the controls from the Hayfield round of last years, Dark and white mini mm,  visiting a few sights along the way.

I parked at the Bowden Bridge car park starting point of the 1932  Kinder trespass. Heading for William Clough I took the next re-entrant along, to the "shallow spur@ marshy junction head of main re-entrant". Then contoured past Sandy Heys, for a look at the Mermaids Pool. 
sheep in the clouds

From there to the bottom of the Kinder Downfall. The previous nights rain meant it was looking good.
A clamber up to the downfall and a run along the edge of the plateaux, before dropping down to Cluther 
Rocks, on to Broad Clough and back to the car. 

A good run out and the last one before the Rab.