Friday, 6 January 2012


Billy checking out the opposition

Diseworth Boxing Day Fun Run

Last race of the year for me and my first ever road race. Also making his debut, in our first race together, was my training partner Billy Bob dog.

This was not just any old road race, it was the highly prestigious Disesworth boxing day fun run ( what do you mean, never heard of it? ). Two laps around the village and a tricky grass verge to negotiate. Each of those gruelling laps being approximately a mile long with ten feet of ascent. It was always going to be a tough one. 

Billy DNF'd after the 1st lap. He saw Ali, Tony and Mrs sbrt and made a beeline for them. I think he was fed up with me slowing him down.
 Lap two went well but I was mugged on the finish line. I keep telling myself it was only a fun run but it is a bitter blow being beaten by a man dressed in a Hawaiian shirt. 

Many thanks to Ali and Tony for having us over. The Christmas dinner. Beer, wine, and mince pies made excellent pre-race fuel. It was so good that I somehow managed to finish in 15th place. Unless it was the bespoke 'Bah Humbug' hat, made by Ali that made the difference.
 Its not part of the usual Milly and Pip range. Ali normally hand-makes, personalised gifts out of recycled materials but if it makes me faster I will  have to wear it again. Either that or I should switch from fell to Fun Running.

Thanks also to the organisers and helpers at the Diseworth Boxing Day Fun Run. For making our run and to the residents of Diesworth for not laughing at my sparrow legs.  Last but not least well done to those who were out there running for a charity. Good on ya!

Hat by Milly and Pip 
All the very best for the new year
Steve and Billy


  1. I tried running with my Lurcher, but she saw it as a game, and kept jumping up and trying to bite me.

    When that failed she would try and trip me up.

    Decided against it for future events, far too dangerous ...... until we get another dog !!

  2. RW; We still have quite a few comedy trips, slips and tangles.
    Its mostly Good fun running with Billy but it does have its moments

  3. A...Road?! Ha ha! Well done mate!!

  4. Simon; Thanks mate. Shocking eh! I ran in trail shoes so it doesn't count.

  5. Hi Steve.
    Good way to end and start the year.
    With a good race!!
    Very handsome dressed as Santa!

  6. haha..was wondering where you were heading to in that shot with the other blokes going t'other way. glad you publicly fessed up re this tarmac slapping ;-)

  7. Toni; Flattery will get you everywhere.

    UC; I am thinking of re-branding it as a multi-terrain race. That grass verge was tricky.

  8. hahaha, you're posts always leave me smiling! happy new year to you, mrs sbrt and billy :)

  9. Great post Steve and thank you for volunteering to run on our behalf, you did us proud (though I do feel that billy dog slowed you down some what) :0)

  10. Kate; Thanks, that makes it all worthwhile. As long as you are smiling with me and not laughing at me ;)

    milly and pip; Thanks Ali. Couldn't have done it without my 'designer'hat:)

  11. What on earth is the huge hairy animal you've got on the lead in the second photo?


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