Monday, 12 December 2011

Wait for me!

In answer to Kate and her 'soggy blog jog', post. Yep! running is brilliant.

Many thanks to  Kate for inviting Simon and myself out for a bloggers bimble. Thanks also to both of them for not laughing at my pace. The pair of them are fitter, faster, younger and better looking than me, so it was kind of Kate to handicap herself by having a hangover and Simon to pretend not to notice. 

A couple of hours running around together, getting cold and wet,  then  thawing out over tea and hot food but surprisngly no cake. Kate is right we are very lucky, to be able to do these things.

He's snow angel. We checked for avalanche hazards by placing a pertex clad  Simon, on the snow slope.

Thankfully he did not slide too far