Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Saddle up

Blencathra, Bannerdale Crags & Sharp edge

Sharp Edge
Mrs sbrt and I had planned on getting away for a camping trip. Unfortunately most of the UK was wetter than an otters pocket. Discretion being the better part of valour, we bottled it and after a brief panic, managed to book a cracking  little cottage.

We were based just outside of Mungrisdale, ideally placed for a run up Blencathra and a scramble on Sharp Edge.

Mini waterfall. Falling from Bannerdale beck

Thats better. A Herdwick, the right sheep.
the wrong sheep

Also known as Saddleback. The wonderful Cumbric name, Blencathra probably means 'seat at the head of the valley'. The word 'cathra' meaning chair, as in the Welsh Gader Idris. 

The short scramble up Sharp Edge wasn't as scary as it looked from below. It turned out to be good fun, requiring  hands to be used and a little care to be taken. The reward, was a cereal bar breakfast, on the summit  and wonderful views of  clouds swirling round the fells.

Fool in the clouds

Billy had a great time too. Taking his frisbee to various lakes, meres and waters. He also made a new friend, Tia the cottage owners dog.

The hand of Dog


  1. Hello Steve, It´s a really nice place to spent some days. I like the Billy´s photo running on the water. The sharp edge looks quite aerial!

  2. Great pics as always Steve.

  3. Looks like you hit lucky with the weather - nice photos.
    Word - raccule (n.) a species of small mammal, yet to be photographed, which makes those weird squeeky, snorty noises outside your tent at 3 o' clock in the morning.

  4. Magbueno; Its a lovely part of the England. Sharp Edge is an easy scramble in good conditions, I am sure it would be different on a wet windy day.

    Simon; tks mate. Its the running and writing that I ned to work on.

    4Winds; The Raccule is a scary beast. All the best for the Lakeland 50.

  5. funny post steve. great shots. billy in derwentwater is ace..prize worthy. looks like it was a belting break!

  6. Hi Steve.
    What most beautiful pictures!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hands? Is it a monument? ¿?

    A kiss.

  7. UC; It was just what we needed.
    All the best for your Lakeland ultra.

    Toni; We just stumbled upon the 'Hands' sculpture. It is on the banks of Derwent Water, near Keswick. No idea why its there but I am glad it is.

    Cheers Steve

  8. Otters' pockets, they are pretty darn wet...
    That sheep looks a bit miffed that you didn't think it was right in your book. You have to watch out for those angry sheep too.
    SBRT, you have quite the knack for snappy some absolutely amazing shots. It looks like a wonderful weekend for you and the Mrs.

  9. Great photos, the area to around Mungrisdale has some great Fells and crags ,On Jakes to do list ! great Post! Simon and Jake,

  10. JP; Yeh it was damp.

    Herdwicks are the traditional Lake district sheep. Brought over by the Vikings, these hardy sheep are my favourites.

    Simon and Jake; Tks. I think we will be going back there

  11. best.photo.captions.ever.

  12. Thanks Kate.
    One day I will learn how to join the captions up to make sentences and paragraphs.


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