Friday, 8 July 2011

Mountain out of a Moelfre

After three weeks without running, Billy and I are off out tomorrow to try a tentative run, plod or shuffle. I do try to listen to my body but I often dont like what it tells me. Unfortunately this issue with authority, meant no running for me on a recent camping holiday in beautiful Meirionnydd.

Room with a view. Moelfre And Rhinog Fawr

Spot the dog, heading up to the Roman Steps Pass 

Q.   'I thought your dog was called Billy ?'

 A.  "He is"

Q.   'Why did you call him spot then?'

A.  "I didn't"

Q. 'Yes you did. Spot the dog heading up to the......'

A. "No! Spot the dog, heading up....  not Spot the dog"

Q. 'But the caption does say Spot'

 Ad nausium .

Skinny dipping  near the Roman steps

Salty sea dog
The Llyn Peninsular. Yes I know sunsets are corny but I like em.

Heard this blissed out tune the other day. If song 2 is for descending, this one is for ridge running into the sunset or just watching the clouds.

Eyes Be Closed by Washed out