Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Trickle at GR 083 889 (formerly known as the Kinder Downfall)

The Kinder Downfall

I had been looking forward to this one for a while. The Kinder downfall is classed by the FRA as a B medium race and is part of the Hayfield Fell Races.

Kinder Scout, the 600m(sounds higher if you say 2000ft) high lump of Gritstone and peat that is the highest point in Derbyshire.  Technically it can be classed as a mountain, some would disagree but I don't care what they call it. Being a Derby lad it's  the nearest thing to home turf for me and I love it.

Martin Griffiths has written a fine account of our trot up, along and  back down from Kinder
Thanks Martin, So I will leave it at that and let the photos tell the rest.

Still smiling, it must be early on  

Purple face contrasting nicely with white legs.

 The camera never lies.
 I imagined myself as running across the plateau leaping from rock to rock with the elegance of a gazelle and the surefootedness of a mountain goat, in a manly and heroic way of course. The reality was more fledgling falling out of its nest than an action shot from the inov8 catalogue.
are we nearly there yet

Many thanks for the photos taken by;

John Jodrell


  1. Just looking at your pictures has made me realise that its a hard race for all abilities, well done mate, cracking time, how are the legs?

  2. "elegance of a gazelle", haha, that's exactly what i imagine as well. you were obviously flying though, great time :)
    ....600m is more than high enough, particularly if you're running up it!

  3. Legs are ok tks Martin. Or they were until I went for a run on Wednesday, they didnt have much go in them.

  4. Kate
    Perhaps it would be better for our egos if we just avoided looking at the photos.


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