Saturday, 30 October 2010

Nice county for old men

Black dog Old Man

I must be due a good soaking, the law of averages can't be cheated forever. Another weekend of good weather in the Lakes, it must be payback time soon. 
 Sunday morning dawned with a slight frost and a promise of sunshine. Too good to be wasted molly coddling a hangover. 

moon set

I often run without Billy if I am out on hills I dont know too well. It's hard enough trying to stay shiny side up while navigating, without the pester hound. Dont get me wrong he is good lad really but its just easier without him sometimes.
It was good having him along, he didn't complain about my route choice, lack of pace or the requests for photo stops.

shiny dog.

I think this was part of the old quarry. Nice water feature. 

Blind Tarn Crag from Coniston Old Man

We didnt get to the top of Coniston Old Man as breakfast was calling. Billy and I weren't too disappointed,  we are not hill baggers and it will be there for another day.
The run in was lovely, sun on our faces and  thoughts of the cooked breakfast meant we kept the pace up. It was good to see a few others heading for the hills. We had had our fun but their time on the fells was still full of promise.

Ashness Bridge

Towards Keswick and Skiddaw

After refuelling with a lazy Sunday morning brunch, we headed out with Mrs sbrt for a slightly gentler stroll, from Ashness Bridge to Watendlath .
The day was nicely rounded off in front of a wood burner, supping a few Blue bird XB's