Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Blue Mountains

Unlike Kinder Scout, there is no way this is high enough to be classed as a mountain and its not blue. It's just a small hill with the name Blue Mountains which comes from a carpet of bluebells that cover the surrounding woodland in spring.

With it being just across the river from us and  definately saying 'mountains' on the map,  I had to check it out.

Not the best of pictures. The old Blue mountain Quarry with namesake bluebells.

Billy rescuing a stick from the Derwent.
 Part of this run  is on the Derwent valley Heritage way,  hence the dark satanic Peckwash Mill.  The green stuff is by the side of the path is river garlic.                                       

Acording to Ray M. When the  Hawthorn hedgerows turn green again , spring has sprung.

Hot dog.

On the way back the bank holiday rain cooled us both down.
We didn't find any mountains and the bluebells were past there best but we enjoyed ourselves anyway.


  1. Tks Simon

    Hi Martin Its great to be out and about this time of year.

  2. lovely shots, particularly the top one.

  3. Tks Kate
    I cheated, the top photo is from a few weeks ago.

  4. first shot is ace steve..says come run here..lovely

  5. Tks UC
    Its amazing what can be found, when you follow the green dotted lines of an O.S.map.


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