Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation.

Can you tell where it is yet?

With the Rab M.M. coming up it was about time for a trip to some proper hills, a bit of running and some much needed nav practice.

We were stopping between Conwy and Betws Y Coed so after a quick look at OL17 (Yr Wyddfa Drffryn Conwy), The Carnedds chose themselves. From the convenient car park N E of Llyn Eigiau, a quick blast up to Carnedd Llewelyn, looking for various crags, tarns and other features. Well, that was the plan.

It  started so well. despite the clag. I ticked off the features that I had planned on finding but then had a map to ground interface issue. Yeh, I had fudged my map reading and had just hoped the goddess of random luck that protects idiots like me, from myself, would guide me. Unfortunately it was her day off.

My normal reaction to being lost and disoriented in the rain and clag on a hill I don't know, is to bottle it and try to find my way home. This time, after a stern word with myself, I had a go at relocation, retraced my steps to Craigfawr and tried again

Still not feeling very confident, I trotted off into the miasma.Thankfully the goddess had only had the morning off to have her hair done( goddess style ringlets are so high maintenance). The path to the summit appeared and I stopped to take in the view.

After a few more navigational blunders it was time to head back for a nice cup a tea.


  1. dont you just love that rush of confidence when eventually you do find the right path..or more like 'thank f@*% for that!!' kind of relief

  2. haha! lets make a promise not to follow each other at the rab....or we'll never get home ;)

  3. Looking good over here. Nice choice of pack in that top photie too!

  4. The Carnedds seem to have a level of clag all of their own. Good running, though.

  5. I was going to guess Wales. I've been up there a bit myself recently recceing the Peris Horseshoe route.

    As your first caller suggested. Successfull navigation can be a great satisfaction. Also grat relief ;-)

  6. UC; Always a relief.

    Kate; thats my plan out the window.

    PTC; tks I like the balance of weight, features and comfort on OMM sacs.

    4winds; More time looking at the map than running but good fun.

    Lightning; I look forward to your write up.


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