Friday, 14 January 2011

Fun size

Rab Mini Mountain Marathon, 09/01/11 Hayfield

Bit Chilly. Just bellow Kinder Low

Team ibuprofens first run of 2011, the Rab Mini MM from Hayfield run by Dark and White Events. It was great to get out again but a bit of a shock. I think we had both gone a bit soft over the festive period and our brains had become addled with the Christmas cheer. 

The race was a mix of, hitting the controls spot on and headless chicken mode, stumbling about  and  running  wrong way. 
Lots of could of, should of, would of's. Which after chatting with others, appears to be what most of us non elite shufflers think of our performances.  

 Kinder Reservoir

Starting from the scout hut in Hayfield, we chose a clockwise route past the Kinder reservoir, up William Clough, then  zig-zagged up and down the south western side of Kinder Scout. It was all going  well until we spent too much time zagging when we should have been zigging and had to make mad dash back to Hayfield, missing out on a juicy 20 point control and incuring a 15 point penalty  for being 9 minutes late.

Reading this write-up on the Dark & White site, it looks like we weren't the only ones that struggled in the low cloud that was cloaking the Swines Back area of Kinder. One poor soul ended up in Edale which was several grid squares off the map.

William Clough

onwards & upwards. Ray Laughing at my map reading.

Icicle works

Video pinched from the Dark & White site

Many thanks to all @ Dark & White Events For putting on the event also to Ray for driving and putting up with me.


  1. the pressure! the pressure! i can feel it. zig or zag? to or fro? it'd send me over the edge (and there's enough of those to choose from round there)

  2. Icicle Works - that takes me back a bit......

  3. UC. they say its tough at the top, we struggle at the bottom of the results table.

    4Winds. Shh they will know how old we are.


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