Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Rescue me

Edale Skyline 21 miles 4500 ft of ascent

A special race for me. It was this video of the 2007 Skyline, that gave me the final push to have a go at fell running.
After three years of fell running and a couple of recces, I was lined up at the bottom of Ringing Roger, raring to go.  I started near the back and joined the winding snake up the Zig Zags. This forced me to take it easy which I hoped would mean I had something left in the tank for later on.
Crookstone Knoll to Win Hill was very runnable and it was hard to hold back. Unfortunately near Wooler Knoll  I saw Jim of Slog up, stagger down. He had injured his calf and  it looked like his race was over.

The slog up Lose Hill
The climb up Lose Hill was the longest  of the day. I had run it on a recce but this time it was mostly walking.
Up and along the great ridge, I had to get to Mam Nick before the Two and a half hour cut off. At this point various aches and pains started to compete for my attention. Nothing to worry about, just the usual suspects with no clear winner until later on when waves of nausea came out top. 

Reaching Mam Nick in 2 hr 15 min gave me a  short lived boost. A saunter rather than a rush up Rushup Edge. Chuck a right at Lords seat then a lonely plod up to Brown Knoll. Fortunately the bog monster had taken the day off  and the going was good.

A camera, quick smile and try to look like a fell runner.
Photo by Jonathan Vardy.

Crowden Tower  Photos by Jonathan Vardy
Thanks Jonathan

Up Swines back and on to the southern edge of Kinder. This is one of my favourite places to run but this time my legs were struggling with the gritstone rock-hopping.  

Next checkpoint, Grindslow then on to the last one at Ringing Roger. That left just the run back down the zig zags. With a big grin on my face and a lump in my throat, I crossed the finish line in 4 hours 20 something ( I forgot to stop my watch ).

Back home for a well deserved bottle of Rescue Ale, or two.

To put my humble shufflings into perspective, Simon of fellmonkey got round in 3:26 in spite of starting with a huge blister. 'Well done Simon'. Race winner Lloyd Taggart crossed the line in a stunning 2:36.

Many thanks to Dark Peak Fell Runners and all involved in making it such a great race.

Next up, one of my favourites from last year, the Kinder Downfall