Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Route 68, Not quite from the door.

We have moved  out of our house while we are extending and renovating it. Unfortunately this now means I no longer have a 'from the door' run. Not all is lost though. After a short drive and an even shorter jog, Billy and I can hit the O.S. green dotted lines, which show a whole load of new foot paths to explore.

Not as hilly as our old runs but pleasant all the same.

What have we done

Billy taking his new roll of building inspector seriously

That way
The footpath past Radbourne hall


  1. you not tempted by the whole route ;)

    looks like a pretty significant extension-will you have that view when finished?

  2. Lovely view and hope that the renovation goes well.
    Nothing like a happy pup to keep you company/supervise : )

  3. I'm no interior designer, but I think you should definitley keep the acro props

  4. Kate; Maybe not that one but I would like to do the Pennine Way sometime.
    Yes we will have the view =)

    JessiePants; Tks. Cool monicker by the way.

    Matt; I am fond of acros too

  5. looks like a great place you live in steve

  6. UC; hopefully it will be.


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