Thursday, 10 March 2011

Internet dating

Sunday morning, waiting in the Edale car park with a red carnation in the lapel of my windshirt, Simon had assured me I would recognise him as he is the double of Brad Pitt.

Simon of Fellmonkey and I   had been following each others blogs for a while now so it was great to finally catch up with him. We are both doing the Edale Skyline this year and decided to get together for a recce.

Off we headed up to Hollins Cross.

Simon has already done a fine write up on his blog( in which he graciously omits to mention how slow I am) so I will just supply a few more photos.

Simon laughing at my poor pace

Simon legging it up  Swines Back

Two more recceteers in the distance

A useful recce, on a beautiful day, in one of my favourite places and with good company.