Thursday, 10 March 2011

Internet dating

Sunday morning, waiting in the Edale car park with a red carnation in the lapel of my windshirt, Simon had assured me I would recognise him as he is the double of Brad Pitt.

Simon of Fellmonkey and I   had been following each others blogs for a while now so it was great to finally catch up with him. We are both doing the Edale Skyline this year and decided to get together for a recce.

Off we headed up to Hollins Cross.

Simon has already done a fine write up on his blog( in which he graciously omits to mention how slow I am) so I will just supply a few more photos.

Simon laughing at my poor pace

Simon legging it up  Swines Back

Two more recceteers in the distance

A useful recce, on a beautiful day, in one of my favourite places and with good company.


  1. I had a cracking morning Steve - cheers for the run, the laughs, the top nav and the soup. First of many joint outings hopefully! The photos are brilliant, much better than my iphone snaps. It really is about time I sorted that out! Oh, and 'Recceteer' has just become my new favourite word...

  2. so it would appear that neither of you are weird internet psychos! or this is all a very elaborate rouse ;)

  3. Simon; I had a Great day out too. I have said before the photos turn out better than my running and writing.

    Kate; Mrs sbrt thinks you are all my imaginary friends.

  4. we should all meet one day
    im the one with the hatchet

  5. Great photos! I am jealous of your dry single tracks.

  6. UC; You would fit right in.

    Jessie; Tks. On the way to the dry bits we went through, Knee deep peat bog.


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