Monday, 30 January 2012

Punch Drunk

Kinder Trial 2012
A great first race of the year for Ray and I. The Kinder Trial is a navigation based race, starting from Hayfield and heading up down the Western flanks of Kinder. 

In spite of mis-punching a control and having our first ever DNF we had a fantastic day out. It was a real treat being out in the snow and on returning to the scout hut we were rewarded with soup, bread, tea and cake. It doesn't get much better than that. We will be back again for this race.

Many thanks to Andy Howie and his team. You did us proud.

Other highlights:-

Catching up with  Tim  from globaltherapies and testedtodestruction.


The cresta run down from Mount Famine


Meeting  Nick Ham


More race reports from Lynne and Ba Ba


New shoooos. Inov8  Mudclaw 333s. Very comfy so far.

Our playground for the day

The Mermaids pool

Surfer dude Tim must be heading for Sandy Heys 

Photo by RichT.
Thanks Rich