Saturday, 11 February 2012

S.A.D. part 2

What a difference a couple of days make. After near perfect conditions on my first S.A.D. run the weather could not have been more different. The run starts from Minffordd again but this time instead of taking the usual ridge up, I follow the footpath around the edge of Llyn Cau and strait up Crag Cau.

Once up on the ridge it is 'clag central' with some slightly scary gusts of wind. It is good to get out of it and take refuge in the summit shelter. I scoff a cereal bar, take a bearing and head off into the miasma.

 From here things went wrong. Instead of following the bearing I decided to trust my mountain memory and gut feelings...... Fool.

Next time the cloud clears, I am heading down a spur towards Lyn y Gadair. The clag closes in again. My first thoughts are "I hope I don't have to call Mountain Rescue. The shame." 

 Map out, belay jacket on and have a think. Unlike the weather, all becomes clear.

Up and running again, it seems to take an age to reach Mynydd Moel, where I can confirm I am in the right place. Phew! From here it is just a soggy jog, back to join Mrs sbrt and Billy for brunch.


  1. Stunning place to have an adventure. My favourite nav course quote: 'There are two sorts of navigators - those who get lost and liars.'

  2. great writing and great navigation too-very impressed you got out of the 'confusion' on your own. that's proper mountain marathon training :)

  3. is that now? where's the ice and snow!?!

    1. Last month. Sorry about the lack of snow and ice.

  4. Not the kind of place where you want to get lost.

    Some fantastic pics again.

  5. Hola Steve, menuda aventura, no cabe duda que posees un gran sentido de la orientación.


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