Saturday, 14 May 2011

Midweek on the moors

Photo By Allen Williams (Thanks Al)
Several friends including Ray (My Team Ibuprophen partner) have done this midweek race in previous years and all of them had said how enjoyable it was. This year Ray and I were both working the morning shift so off we headed to the Dark Peak, for my first Burbage Skyline.

The race is a fast and furious 5 and 3/4 miles. When I say fast and furious, in my case it is more like, not quite as slow and mildly annoyed. The route is over typical Dark Peak terrain, with moorland paths and gritstone outcrops and is a joy to run.

It was good to catch up with Martin Griffiths of Toenails n' Quads . Martin had a great race Knocking nearly 8 minutes off last years time and is looking good for his Bob Graham attempt this year. Good luck Mate!

Unfortunately I didn't get to see Simon, another friend and fell running blogger. Simon wasnt racing  but was there taking pictures and supporting his clubmates. You can catch up with what he has been up to and what he has planned @ Adventures of a Fellmonkey

The race went well. After a short climb we all went heather bashing. The leaders were directed slightly off course and the rest of us followed. Many thanks to those at the front for trampling down  the heather and making it easier for us shufflers.

More (moor) ups and downs then a lovely run along the gritstone edge. We weren't the only ones enjoying it, there were several groups of climbers playing on the rock.

The final run in was a gentle downhil, on a well made gravel path. For the more able runners this meant a fast finnish. For me it was a less punishing end to a great race.

Many thanks to Ray for driving and Dark Peak Fell Runners for putting on a great event.


This link from the DPFR shows a  Google map of the course.


354 starters

1st place Stuart Bond 37min 37sec.

211th place  me  55 min 50sec (oh dear, must try harder)

Full  results here


  1. sounds and looks like a good un steve
    'racing' will have to wait for me..easy cop out yes?

  2. UC; I am not sure you could call what I do racing;)
    Hang in there buddie.

  3. was gutted to have missed this (work), your post has just confirmed that i too would have been 'slow and mildly irritated' ;)

  4. Kate; You would only just be getting warmed up at that distance ;)

  5. I love the Burbage valley - sounds like a fine race. Bet you'll be back for more next year...

  6. Steve sounds like a wonderful way to break up the week. Love the photo of the runners on the rim.
    PS. I think your time was GREAT, well done.

  7. Sometimes it seems hard climb to a mountain but it seems even more sacrifice your career, is admirable.

  8. hahaha, of course! i would have run there and home again... ;)

  9. Matt; It was definitely worth making the effort to get up there. Big tks to Ray for driving.

    Jessie; It was good fun but the next days morning shift soon came round.

    Carmen y Alfonso; It was just a short run compared to your epic adventures.

    Kate; After bivying on Higger Tor =)

  10. Hey up Team Ibuprophen!

    Well done. I also think your time is swell. I don't understand going fast through such lovely scenery..

    Oh, and it's not far to Moab from here. About a 4 hour drive is all. Very nice to be able to visit my family so close.

  11. Thanks funderson

    You and JP are very kind. I dont mind being slow but like most runners, I wish I was faster.

    Only 4hours. If I drove East or west for that long, I would end up in the sea.

  12. Oh dear, please don't end up in the sea. It would take us a good 18 hours and a bladder of steel to end up in the Pacific.

  13. Hi Steve!
    Very good race, and "friends", that's fine!
    If I'm correct, the race was 10 kilometers (miles ... I do not control), made ​​good time, less than an hour!
    If you are a "machine "!!!!

  14. Hi Toni
    Its a great little race. You are right it is a bit less than 10k. with about 360 metres of ascent.

    The Fell Runners association will be going metric in 2011 (at last).

    "Machine" I must be a very rusty one, the winner beat me by 18 min. Thanks anyway, you are very kind.


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