Sunday, 29 August 2010

Pork life

I pass J and A's farm on one of my, from the door runs. The pigs are right by the footpath that passes the farm so I couldn't resist saying hello to them and feeding them a couple of windfall apples. Apples seem a bit wrong with the applesauce connection, especially from a veggie but the pigs enjoyed them all the same. I am not sure if Billy thought they were strange dogs or he just likes the smell of bacon.

Further on the farmer had been busy. One of the things I love about running is seeing the seasons change. 


  1. I didn't know you are a veggie.

    Bacon butties are one of the things I've missed most ;-)

  2. Happy looking weaners - I like that. Nice record of a fine run

  3. pigs in their right environment..outside
    i reckon all billy could see was giant four-legged sausages

  4. Lightning; Are you a veggie too? The smell of bacon, mmmmm.

    Matt; Me too. thankfully they didnt see the irony in eating apples. I think hey are Gloucester old spots.

    Uc; He definitely liked the smell of them.

  5. Steve, sorry for the late reply.
    Yes I "had" been veggi for 20 or so years. I had always said if I could catch it and skin it myself I would. Now I've moved to the country that has been possible. Only with a few rabbits so far. I will only take wild food and not that much of it.


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