Thursday, 15 April 2010

From the door #3

This starts off like  #2 but heads off for Bunker's Hill, the Bridge Inn then home.

I sometimes stop at Bunker's Hill to take in the view.
Anyone know what these are called?


  1. Hi Steve,

    Yeah its a great little route around Bunkers Hill,

    Its actually called a Topograph, a little history on it,

    "At the top of Bunker’s Hill, is sited the Topograph, constructed and erected with funds raised by the villagers of Quarndon, in memory of Francis, the third Viscount Scarsdale. This enables even the first time visitor to pick out landmarks in the surrounding countryside with ease."

    Hope this helps,


  2. jealous that you have that from the door. do you ever run in the dark peak? we should meet up some time, you too uc :)

  3. Tks Martin. See you next Sunday.

    Uc. Yep, his nav and is better than mine, he is a better runner too.

    Hi Kate
    I am lucky to live on edge the burbs. Still jealous of your Highlander mm trip.

    I love the Peak both dark and white, I am running in the Kinder downfall next wk.

    It would be good to all meet up we could have a bloggers ball.


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