Friday, 24 June 2011

Worth a gleg. A quick look around the Blogosphere.

I have not been up to much since the Edale Race  but out in the Blogosphere, like the summer, things are warming up.

This lovely short film was posted on the excellent site.

I pinched this idea from Hiking in Finland. Every now and then Hendrik posts a week in review. This is more like,stuff that caught my eye or a few of my favourite things. Apologies to anyone I have not mentioned. There are so many quality blogs out there, I decided to limit this to ten.

So in no particular order:

1. Its LAMMing season over at one of my favourite blogs Tea & Cake. Check out kate's flickr photos.

2.Simon the fellmonkey finally got his arse into gear and hit the keyboard.

3. Andy had a BIG day out but made it in time for last orders.

4. David and Charlie did a Lakeland 55 recce .

5. The post lady delivered some New shoooos to The House of Funderson.

6. Its hard to keep up with Jessie's posting but she managed to keep her Trap-shut , for a while.

7.Another Simon tells us about the Aftermath . His Housman 100 write up is worth a look too.

8. As is Nick's write up of the LDWA's annual  100miler .

9. I am no mountain biker  but Toni looks lke she is having fun FUN .

10. Miguel and friends had some great results at this tough sounding race race .

10a. Last but not least. Happy blogday to Just Us and a Few Friends

All the best and Have a good weekend
Steve (sbrt)