Sunday, 27 November 2011

That'l learn ya. Rround one, Hayfield

This was team Ibuprofens first run out since the Rab. Ray had managed to get out to do  this years Dovedale Dash and the Roaches Fell Race, while I had only managed to get out for a few local training runs with the hound.

We were expecting to head up onto the edges of Kinder Scout, like we had done the last couple of years.  

wrong!  No

Unfortunately the Peak Park Authorities will only allow off piste events  a few weeks every winter. This meant we would be sticking to footpaths and rights of way, rather than being able to wander around on access land.  Never mind. It gave us a chance to check out somewhere new  and although we didn't get  to run where we expected, there were some cracking views of the Gritstone lump that is Kinder Scout.

Following footpaths, gave the runners rather than the Navigators an advantage. Being equally poor at both, we finished in our usual place, about 2/3rds  down the results table.

All went well, only minor confusions and detours. Confusions; The Famous Grouse Fell Race was being run on the same day, in the same area and parts of its course had been flagged. We didn't Know this at the time and were not sure if the flags meant, follow me or keep off the grass.  The detours; were just end of race tiredness and our usual divi-ness.

 Another well organised, yet low key and friendly event from Dark and White.

Who says men can't multi-task?

Many thanks to all who made our Sunday morning so enjoyable.


  1. Love that top picture - very envious of you living up there in that neck of the woods!

  2. Tks Matt. That view was on our run back in. It was a nice treat for us too.

  3. '..imagine our surprise when we ended up at the wrong finish line. luckily we both saw the funny side'

  4. (be belated, sorry) nah, i think you guys were just multi tasking doing a mm and a fell race in on morning. now that's impressive.

  5. Kate; More like We made a mountain out of a mini mm marathon and fell(over)


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