Friday, 11 November 2011


Another look around the blogosphere

More Running Vids on

End of October, clocks going back, its time for the OMM.

First a run down on the favourites by Nick (Ba Ba).

A bit of controversy over at team inov8

Kate is enjoying her hobby. Loving and hating it.

Ultra runner Nick Ham completed his Run further Grand Slam. Well done Nick

4Winds brings us some more exotic place names from the South West.

Good to see I am not the only one who runs the hills with a bull terrier Albert and Lilly enjoy the fells too. Get well soon Albert.

Talking of hounds, David and Charlie Have not been Marking time

Another stunning slideshow from Carmen Y Alfonso

Good to see John is blogging again. He shows us the contents of his bum bag

 Also good to see, Andy is back racing

Dawn is leading the Open 5 series.

Next up for Ray and me is the Dark & White mini mm. Starting from Hayfield

All the best. Have a good un
Steve & Billy


  1. Andy; Thanks mate. They are great events, we always enjoy them.

  2. loving billy's teach him that steve?

  3. haha, exactly ultra collie, billy is defo working the camera! thanks for the blog check and good luck for the mini-not that you guys need it. hope to see you soon :)

  4. UC and Kate; He is definitely the one with the looks........ and the brains.

  5. Nice entry, interesting look...

  6. magbueno; Thanks and thank you also for the mention on your blog.


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