Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Mid week Mini mm.

 Monsal Head & back of Rays head
This year Dark and White had organised a series of midweek mini mountain marathons.  Ray and I missed the first two rounds but managed to get together for round three, a two hour score event starting from Monsal Head in the Peak District.

Due to its farmland location, the course stuck to footpaths and rights of way, unlike a full mountain marathon which takes competitors off piste.

In true Team Ibuprofen style, we set off in completely the wrong direction. Oops. After turning the map the right way round we managed to start picking off controls. Summer showers kept us cool and it felt like we were doing OK. Until control #15. We weren't the only ones. A confusion of footpaths had caught us and several other competitors out. Time wasting trial and error led us to the elusive checkpoint. Just leaving us time to head back, picking up a few controls on the way in.

Finishing 43rd of 61, 9th in class, we didn't disgrace ourselves and enjoyed getting out to stretch our legs and exercise our brains.
Another good one from Dark and White.