Monday, 29 August 2011

UTMB Armchair training

I may never get to the Alps or run a 100 mile race but I can at least watch the videos. Inspiring stuff

Many congratulations to all who finished this beast of a race. Overall winner was Kilian Journet and first lady, for the 4th time was Lizzie Hawker.

Earlier this year, Kilian met up with Sandra & Miguel for a training session , how could he fail?


  1. Hi Steve, thank you for mentioning us, but the only thing we did stopped his running. He had done 1000 positive meters when we met him, and we couldn´t notice any sweat on him. When we said bye, he started running up again (it was a steep slope) while he was whistling!

  2. Good chronic, Steve.
    Congratulations to Michael and Sandra!!
    Beautiful Mont Blanc!


  3. No reason at all why you shouldn't give a hundred a crack. I'm planning on doing a 100k next year and giving the Lakeland 100 a go the year after. Must admit that the ULMB looks a bit meaty.....


  4. Miguel; Whatever you did, it worked.

    Toni; Thanks. Beautiful indeed, maybe one day I will get there.

    Paul; 'Meaty' Oh dear, I am mostly veggie but a 100 is on my to do/wish list.

  5. i was following the race via twitter, made me feel so lazy waking to check the feeds and seeing that folk were STILL running!! wouldn't it be a great spot for a running holiday.....


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