Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Mrs sbrt, Billy and myself are just back from a weeks camping in beautiful Cymru. It was about as far as you can get from fast and light camping but much more comfortable. 
We stayed just up the road from Barmouth in Meirionnydd or southern Snowdonia. The site was a five minute walk from the beach and a short run to the hills, so perfect for all of us.

The first morning we woke up to this

Then for the rest of the week it was sunshine with just enough cloud for a sunset in the evening. How very British blogging about the weather.

I managed to get out for acouple of runs. The first one from the campsite up to Moelfre
Excellent location, requires some  modernisation.

The view from Moelfre towards Rhinog  Fawr

Then back to the campsite for brunch.

The next run out was from Cwm Nantcol to Rhinog Fawr. This was even more stunning,  I had the hill to myself apart fom a few wild goats.

I got back to the campsite tired, with  two horsefly bites, red itchy shins from the spikey grass (I am an allergicky person), hot and sweaty but very happy.


  1. Love the Rhinogs - empty even in the summer. Had family hols at Blackrock sands last year which was ideal for beachy fun and a trot up Cadair

  2. Seconded. Love that area. And nobody ever goes there, so as you said, you get it all to yourself while the tourists go to Snowdon.

  3. Fine post Steve - looks like you had a good time all round. Like the tent...

  4. third'ed for the Rhinogs. great for navigation practice. sounds like a lovely holiday.

  5. All agreed then thumbs up for the Rhinogs.

    Matt. The tent is an Outwell Bearlake6. Its a huge heavy thing but I am very impressed with the Quality and features.


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