Sunday, 27 June 2010

2pm: Fell Race / Guinea Pig Derby

What a descision, the Fell Race or the Guinea pig Derby.

The Chrome Hill Fell race was just part of the action packed shcedule of events, at this years Hollinsclough Primary School Summer Fete.

As it turned out I probably would have had more luck with the Guinea pigs.

The Fell Race is a 4mile run from the school, up and along the dragons back of Chrome hill then back to the village, for a nice cuppa tea (tea included in the entry fee).

Not one of my best results, 10th of only 11 runners. I was beaten fairly and squarely by all but one. Amongst those that beat me were, an over 60 veteran and a lad far too young to receive his prize (a bottle of wine, for 1st local runner). Despite my dismal performance it was great to run over Chrome Hill,  Its a true hidden gem of the White Peak.

Next year I will take Billy and see if he can do better in the pet show.


  1. That's my fear. Turning up at a race with hardly any one there and the truth about my running will be known to all. At the moment I'm hiding behind Vet60/70 runners ;-)

  2. A fine performance there in a fine-sounding little race. I like them the best. Fiver on Billy for next year ;)

  3. brilliant!
    but the smaller the field the harder it is to shine i think...theres irony

  4. start training billy now!!! ;)


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