Saturday, 17 July 2010


Mrs sbrt did us proud, booking a last minute break in Croatia. Our first abroad holiday for years, she managed to find somewhere with sun, sea and mountains.
After a couple of days of chillin it was time to check out the hills. I had been looking over to the hills every morning while having breakfast and thought I could make out a zig zag path to aim for.

Next morning it was an early start to beat the sun and off I headed for the hills, with just a water bottle and a rough idea of where I was going. By sheer fluke I got to the road below the hills at the starting point for the Ronald Brown Pathway, leading to the peak of Strazisca 701m. Not quite Ordnance Survey but good enough for me.
The Ronald Brown Pathway is named after the American minister for trade whose plane crashed while on an aid mission to Croatia, Killing all on board.

The trail starts as a good path made of limestone rubble, nearer the peak it becomes more rugged but is well marked all the way with roundels and lines, painted in the Croatian national colours of red and white.
met this not so little fella on the peak.

The view towards Dubrovnik.
Inland it was hill after hill.

Back down before it got too hot. Shower, breakfast and tell Mrs sbrt I love her for choosing such a brilliant place.


  1. Looks like a nice run out that.

  2. Croatia is on our hit list. I've heard that its absolutely stunning. Glad you had a great time.

  3. Looks an amazing country and a cracking good time! What was the beer like?

  4. did the critter take the pic of you too? most accomodating!

  5. Lightning. It was so nice I did it twice.

    Simon. Beautiful place definately worth a visit. We would go back.

    4 Winds. 5% lager called Ozujsko which went down well in the heat.

    UC. Ha ha!

  6. personally i think you have too many holidays ;)

  7. That's one beautiful looking country.

  8. Hi Nick
    Definitely worth a visit. Everything you need but without feeling over developed or too Kiss-me- Quickish.

  9. Nice one and it is still well worth visiting.


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