Monday, 11 April 2011

80% of all accidents

Heading to the start line

 The 30th anniversary of the Kinder Downfall Fell Race.  

 A week before this race I had pulled my back, changing the sheets on our bed. Doh! A day later the pain had spread into my groin. 'Bloody housework'  Thinking that I would miss one of my favourite races, I was not a happy bunny. By Friday things were looking better and after checking with my GP, it was back on. The doctor (a hillwalker who had completed the Welsh 3000 challenge) said to do a test run before and see how it goes. Thanks Doc.

Sunday morning, sunshine and blue skies. The drive out from the burbs to the High Peak was a pleasure the scenery changed from rolling pasture with hedgerows to the White Peak's limestone, drystone walls and finally the Dark Peaks upland moors and gritstone.

Still smiling

Starting from the lovely town of Hayfield, the race is a strait forward 1900ft slog up William Clough to the Kinder plateaux. along and back down. Just under Ten miles,  it's a cracking race.
I was just glad to be out there running, in fact I must have been enjoying it too much and should have pushed harder as it took me 7 minutes longer than last year.

The paparazzi 

The last climb, From William Clough up onto the Kinder Plateaux. 

Dark Peak runner and friend Steve, enjoying the sunshine

Does my bum-bag look big in this?

Back to Hayfield Scout Hut,
For a nice cuppa tea

Thanks to all involved in making this race such a great event. Happy anniversary Kinder downfall.
See ya next year.


  1. Cracking weather for it. Looks a good 'un!


  2. A very nice cold bath for your feet. Nice photos and story.


  3. and the moral of the story..let mrs sbrt do the housework from now on (runs for cover)

  4. Looks like an awesome race, nothing like a HUGE hill at the end to make you work for your cuppa! Well done, young man.
    Daffodil photo is lovely, I'm patiently waiting for that here.

  5. Hola!!!
    ¡¡Qué buena carrera!!
    La foto de los pies en el agua.... FANTASTICA!!!
    Saludos desde España.

  6. Some great pics there mate, I remember getting to the bottom of the final climb last year and thinking I was ready for chucking it in! Have you seen the photo of you taking the photo on the KD thread on the forum? Priceless!

  7. Hola Stephen. Ya me parece duro andar por la montaña , pero corriendo aun mas. Mi admiracion amigo!!!

  8. Bum bag caption - quality!

    Great race account - glad you had a good day

  9. Paul; Lovely weather but a bit too warm.

    Miguel; It was very refreshing

    UC; Eek :0

    Jessie; I dont get caled young man very often nowadays. I am 44 tomorrow.

    Toni; Hola, gracias

    Simon; Tks, yes seen it. Are running at the Burbage Skyine, it would be good to catch up.

    Sito; Hola Sito. Si puedo hacer que cualquier persona puede.

    Matt; It proves fellrunning gear can be both stylish and practical ;)

  10. good running there and time to take some great snaps! work performed correctly can be very good cross training (ultra collie ;) ...see you at the rab if not before!


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