Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Billy checks out his new xmas lightsabre. He has not been quite the same since we bought him a red collar and he watched the Phantom Menace. 

In a far away universe a long time ago (1977), queuing up, to see the first Star wars film. It blew my 10 year old mind. A swashbuckling adventure with added spaceships and stormtroopers. Wow! Skywalker was a bit wet but Vader, he was a supercool sheriff of Nottingham x10. 

Fast forward to the phantom menace. Rose tinted glasses had made me forget these are cheesy kids films. I was disappointed. It was worth the trip to the pictures though, Ray Parks was stunning as Darth Mawl, truly menacing with some top wushu moves. This guy knows his Chinese martial arts.