Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Rite of passage

Oops! I posted That by mistake before I had written anything.... Try again.

At Last, after several years of plodding up and down hills I feel like I can finally call myself a fell runner.

Since 2008 I have had the privilege of running on Peak District moors, Lakeland fells and Welsh mountains and have headed out in snow, rain and sunshine, completed mountain marathons and B/short to A/long races(well I shuffled around at the Back of the pack) but somehow  it still never felt right calling myself a fell runner. 

That is until now.

Taking my mudclaws off after this years Edale Skyline and looking at my feet, there it was, my first Black toenail. At last I have earned the right to call myself a fell runner.

Funny feet

Matt on the other end of the VFFs

See that hill, go and run up it

What goes up, must.....

.......Come Down

Big up to #675
Thanks for showing me the racing line round the woolpacks
and for giving me a tow.

Photo by ShaunP 

Many thanks to Dark Peak Fell Runners for their usual slick organisation. Nice one guys