Sunday, 13 May 2012

Dove Dallying

Ray gets his white legs out in the White Peak
 Dark and White Mini MM

I wasn't sure how this would turn out. Dovedale is a lovely area but being such a tourist trap with a graded path right through the midlde, would it work for an event like this. The answer is a wholehearted yes.

The course planner led us to some great running, up and down, around and dropping down into Dovedale. On top of that the weather was almost perfect with conditions underfoot just right, thankfully the notoriously slippery slimestone was dry.

This may have been the nearest it gets to a home event but it was no Sunday jolly. Our route was a mix of very runnable footpaths, which tempted us to run further than usual and short sharp climbs. 
A combination that made us work hard for our Sunday dinners.

Not a bad result for team Ibuprophen we finished 18th of 37 in the Old git class and 62nd of 131 overall.

Not as good as Lynne of Running Delights Who finished first lady and 'chicked' us by 7 points. Nice one Lynne.

Lions Head Rock

Climbers on Ilam Rock

Nice to meet you Jess

Many thanks to Dark & White for another great Mini MM