Monday, 11 June 2012


The opposition

DVO EM league Orienteering 
Allestree Park
Allestree Park, the venue for my first ever orienteering event. This is part of most of my 'from the door' runs and where I take the hound for a walk. At least I shouldn't get lost.

Race organisers Kim and Russ of Derwent Valley Orienteers were very friendly and helpful.  I told them I had done some fell running so they knew that they were talking to a navigational numpty and suggested I try the orange course

With local knowledge and orange being one of the easier courses, I found all the controls ok and had a good run.
 Checking the results later on I was well chuffed to see I had come first. That was until I scrolled down and saw that I had managed to beat, mostly 10- 12 year olds and a 70 year old lady. Oh dear!. I guess it's  better than being beaten by a load of 10-12 year olds and an old lady.

Route gadget of the Allestree park courses.

Many thanks to DVO for putting on the event

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