Monday, 11 February 2013

Hebog fail

Moel Hebog(hill of the hawk) taken on a clearer day
It looked simple on the map. From the cottage, up to Craig Isallt, follow the rights of way to access  land below Hebog, then up to the top to admire the views.
 It was not to be. Down in the valley tussocks, snow drifts, marshy ground and fenced off rights of way made progress slow.

100m from the top I turned round. I had set myself  a cut off time to make sure I got back before dark and gone 5 min past it. Cloud had rolled in and it was snowing. That will teach me to start out so late in the day.

Back down again, across the tussocks, drifts and marshland. Feet up and a cuppa tea in front of the wood burner. The Hill of the Hawk would have to wait for another day.

The view

findus frozen hill ponys


  1. Looks interesting! Failed on Hebog myself on an icy winters day. Also baked in summer during the fell race (a great hard race)

    1. No epics, thankfully.I just set off too late.

  2. good move..dont want to see you on highland rescue or the like

    1. Highland rescue! even my nav isnt that bad.

  3. Right Decision, It is not going anywhere.

  4. Good choice, you´ll have something to do there in the future.
    Best Regards,


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