Monday, 22 April 2013

Kinder, my part in its downfall

The Kinder Downfall fell race 14.4.13

One of my favourite races. This Peak District classic didn't disappoint.
 A straightforward race, starting from the lovely village of Hayfield its; up William Clough, along the edges of  Kinder, past the Kinder Downfall then back down to the village. 

The Star of the race was definitely the Downfall itself. 60mph gusts of wind, were blowing the water from Derbyshire's highest waterfall back up(see photos and video). This made the running entertaining and gave us all a refreshing shower as we passed the upfall. 

The car park was classed as an A short

Hamming it up. Good to see you Nick

Can you all move on please. You are making the village look untidy.

Photo by Lynne

Martin G #127 having a great race

The star of the show. The Kinder Downfall.

A bit drafty

Many thanks to the RO Dave Soles and all who helped out.