Thursday, 9 May 2013

Your attack 'point' was no better than that of a clumsy child

Highlander 2013 Laggan and Creag Meagaidh

Team Ibubprophen's second Highlander Mountain Marathon and another stunner. The Highlander really is a very special event.

The weekend started well. We did a fly drive from East Midlands Airport, saving us loads of driving time. As a extra treat we flew north along the Pennines, with great aerial views of Kinder and the Peak District. Cool!

After a four season  drive from Glasgow, up to Newtomore; sunshine, rain, hail, and snow. I realised that I had not written the name of the bunkhouse down. Doh! luckily the first door I knocked on was the right one. Relieved we dropped off our gear, had a cuppa and signed on. Time for some pre race fuelling. A relaxing pint and a meal at the Glen Hotel, where we shared a table with fellow MMers Andy R and his team-mate (sorry I have forgotten your name).
Back to the bunkhouse for a session of death by packing, where I realised mistake #2. No running tights. Doh!.......  Doh!
Thankfully, event sponsors Haglofs, had set up stall in the village hall and I managed to buy a pair of tights. 

Kilts not compulsory kit

Day one: No more mistakes, just that nagging feeling of, what have I forgotten? Mixed with pre race nerves. This was not helped by a race briefing, warning about snow conditions. A bit of hanging about waiting for buses to the start, meant a chance to chat with Dark Peak runners Glen and Richard, who were also doing the score course.

At the start we were handed maps and control descriptions. After marking up the map and planning a rough route we headed off. As always it was a relief to dib in at the first control. With the planning and the long climb, it had taken us an hour. The rest of the day went well, classic mountain marathoning with stunning Scenary. It doesn't get much better.

Congratulations to Stef and Yiannis
1st place B class vets

Glamping. Note the chandeliers
One of the things that makes the Highlander special is the overnight camp. A marquee with hot food, quality organic beer by the Black Isle Brewery and a ceilidh. Its much more sociable than being squashed in a tent all night.

Day two:  Started with the sound of Insomnia by Faithless coming from the marquee. Very appropriate, after a night of turning over and over, like a rotisserie chicken, in a vain attempt to get comfy.
The weather was more traditional MM weather as in DAMP.
Not quite as spectacular as Saturday there was still some fantastic views, with the course planners taking us to some great spots. My favourite controls being the gorge and the waterfall.


Ray washing his Walshes

Yet again another brilliant event from all at Hands on Events and The Highlander.
Many thanks to all who made it happen.       


  1. Running kilts are the way to go :-)

    Cracking photos - heading up that way this summer, fingers crossed....


    1. A bit drafty.

      I look forward to reading your Scottland Blog.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Congrats!
    The pictures are beautiful ... must be fantastic "run" by that place ...
    All of us has ever forgotten ... "stockings" ... "Slippers" .... jajajjaja "head" jajajajj
    A big kiss!

    1. Thanks Toni
      Very true:)

      all the best


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