Friday, 17 April 2015


The Fellmonkey, showing me a clean pair of heals.
As always.
In reflected glory

Congratulations to my friend Simon aka The Fell Monkey. Simon is a running friend, a blogger who can actually write (not a semi illiterate caption/pun scribbler, like myself), a top ultra runner and all round good guy. 
On top of that he is now an Ashmei Ambassador. I presume this means he now has a full support crew of; phtographers and ghost writters on blogging duties. He will also have an endless supply of shiny new, clean kit to wear and a flock of humming birds to fan him, on hot days.

Best of all he will have pack of lesser runners to do all his training for him. Simon can just turn up and look good for the photo-shoot.

Of course I am only joking. You don't get to be as good as Simon, without a lot of hard work and dedication. Well done mate, you deserve it.

It's a tough job but someone has to do it

Photo stolen from Simon's blog.

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  1. The bottom photo makes my feet tingle (not Simon's bottom, mind.)


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