Sunday, 30 January 2011

I'm a loser baby, so why don't you run me?

The topograph on topo Lose Hill

A couple of days in the Peak with Mrs sbrt was a sure fire cure for the back to work January blues. It was also a chance for a quick recce, of the Mam Nick to Brown Knoll section, of the Edale Skyline (well spotted Kate).
This section is a notorious, almost pathless, bog-fest. Fortunately thanks to freak Peak District weather, the usual thick clag had been replaced with sunshine and the bottomless, Guiness filled bogs were frozen. Perfect conditions for a recce.

 I am not sure if it was a confidence boost or has just made me  more apprehensive. This is just my normal pre race wobble. A balance that swings from  blind optimism and enthusiasm to, what have I let myself in for I am doomed?

Looking to the East, from Rushup Edge

"Hitting the wall"  
 Nah! Just jogging alongside and using it as a handrail.

Legs of a sparrow

 Brown Knoll
Call a plumber, the bog's frozen.

Ringing Roger catching the last few rays of sun 
We also got out for a gentle, sunset stroll along the Pennine way. A short out and back, from Edale to Upper Booth Farm. Clear crisp weather and low winter sun highlighted the hills with some wonderful colours. It was a joy to be out.

From Lose Hill (Ward's Piece) looking West.

Win Hill


  1. hmmmm, looking at the skyline route maybe?

  2. Awesome pics Steve, still up for Skyline recces at any point :-) even though they lost my entry :-(

  3. Kate; How did you guess?

    Simon; Tks. Definitely.

  4. top shots steve
    must go there soon
    ps did roger answer?

  5. Tks Terry

    Tks Uc look forward to seeing the pics from your new camera


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