Friday, 4 February 2011

Muts, mountains and.........


So far I have kept all the posts on here running related but as my profile says; muts, mountains and motorbikes. I thought you wouldn't mind this.

The photo above is of my father and grandfather( During the 1st world war my grandad's brother was a despatch rider who went missing in action), so I guess biking is in my DNA.

For many bikers it's about the joy of freedom but for me it was the speed, danger, exotic metals and bight shiny colours.

Sheene waves(flicks the vs @ 3:38)

Growing up in the 70s also meant Sunday afternoons watching Barry Sheene on  Grandstand. 

World champion, puller of humungus wheelies, puller of beautiful girls and star of the Brut adverts. Could this man get any cooler? Amazingly yes. Silerstone 1979, Sheene, now the underdog, stuffs it up the inside of Kenny Roberts, the reigning word champ, then casually flicks the Vs.

Somewhere near the apex for a change
Fast forward to the late 80s. After a few years riding bikes, I finally saved up enough to go racing. I am a better at fell running than I ever was at bike racing, which tells you how slow I was but I wouldn't swap  those times for the world.

Park Corner Cadwell

Kwack attack
The only bike that really hurt me. Exiting Park Corner, a classic late 80s highside. Slide, grip. Oh F#*#K !...... Crunch.

Tipping it in, drifting out or just off line as usual. Finally gone diesel. Brap brap.

Fast forward another 20 yrs.  No racing nowadays but I can still fit in my leathers, just.


  1. Great post. As a kid that also grew up watching Sheene I know where you are coming from. I used to get taken up to the Darley Moor Circuit as a kid and had some great days out there. I never raced but I have riden since i was 13. Today I still have a Canadian Vmax import for summer fun and a KLE for winter and off road use. I think I fall into the freedom feeling camp that you get on the fells as well as on a bike; for me that's what makes them both addictive fun pass times. Brilliant pictures :)

  2. DG; Tks V max thats a beast of a bike.


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