Monday, 7 February 2011

Flooding and scudding

The flood plains of the Derwent....... flooding

Unlike some of you out there no 'epics' for us, no races or trips out this week, just  training runs with the pester hound. That's not to say it was without drama. The weekends weather made running in the  in the burbs much more fun. 
Just in case you hadn't noticed the weather  Dawns Open 5 Adventure race and 4Winds, Arnold Lane post give a good description of  how wet and windy it's been up in the hills.

On a smaller scale, another mini drama was unfolding. Snowdrops, natures reminder that spring is just around the corner.


  1. Hi Steve, loads of water about, got out around Thorpe and the Dove Dale was flooded. Hope you're well, not seen you out for a while.

  2. Damp. We fared little better at Mickleden. Just got to get next weekend (in Bury) out of the way then we're on for that recce. I'll send you an email Steve.

  3. Nice shot of the snowdrops. There's a little church on Dartmoor which has a sign up at this time of year inviting visitors to have a look at the snowdrops. Round the side the bank's carpeted in them. Fair takes your breath away.

  4. Snowdrops - the botanical equivalent of a sigh of relief...

  5. snowdrops, nooooooooo! i've still got my hopes on some late snow-without having to drive 6hrs.

  6. Martin; See you soon hopefully

    Simon; Cool

    4Winds; Ah bless

    Matt; True

    Kate; You just dont want to get mud on your shoes doing the HPM


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