Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Recycled and Shining Cliff Fell Race

Thorpe Cloud and the Stepping Stones

Four years ago, on the 23rd of April we picked  up a 10 month old, black and white whirlwind, from Just For Dogs . With him being an unwanted stray we decided to call the 'whirlwind' Billy, as in Billy no mates.

To celebrate his Billy-day all three of us headed up to Dovedale.

Bloody graffiti artists. Is nowhere safe from their etchings and lithographs? 

It turned out to be an open air art exhibition with pictures placed in the landscape that inspired them. 

Unimpressed by his brush with culture, Billy enjoyed himself all the same. A river and a stick, who needs art.

Sunday I managed to squeeze in a local race. The Shining Cliff Woods Fell Race. Organised by David Denton, this six and a half mile(10k) two lap race is unusual  in that it heads off downhill first.

The Bear Inn & Hotel(space for compass bearing/bear inn pun..........) at Alderwasley, kindly allowed us scruffy fell runners to use it as race HQ. A field to park in and a pub that serves good food and real ale, cool! I didn't have time for a pint but have eaten there before and can recommend the food and drink.

After a separate shorter race for the kids, we  headed off down the side of the Derwent Valley. All went well until near the finish. Three of us Bill, Steve and myself  were trotting along together when someone said "shall we make it a race? "The mad dash for 71st place was on.

If you have ever seen the film Chariots of Fire the one with slo mo shots and jangly, atmospheric Vangelis soundtrack. Well!.... it was nothing at all like that.  I made I right fool of myself with comedy running, gurning, and wheezing, I finally got to the finish,  started dry retching and almost hurled.

 Not the done thing when the winner Joshua Bull, had already finished 20 minutes earlier. Good fun though ;)

Many thanks to David Denton and all those who helped out.


  1. Great report Steve. It was yet another grand weekend for the weather. Happy Billyday to birth ;-)

  2. What a lovely day! A mad dash for 71st..amazing...
    My Billy eschews art for rivers and sticks too

  3. Steve, sounded like you and S Shaw had a great finish, tough little route the long lap twice! also wanted to ask, do you fancy a trot around Kinder soon?

  4. Happy Belated Billy Day! Looks as though all had a wonderful time.
    Wonderful picture of you and pals "fighting" to the finish in my mind...71st or 1st, great!

  5. I like! Billy's photo with that big branch!
    A kiss.

  6. Hi Steve,

    Loving the pictures of Billy Bob, I wish we could let our hound off the lead to enjoy Dovedale.

    Sadly she wants to jump over everyone, and everything she meets.

    Sounds like a very good event, I did look at this one, but opted for the Goyt Valley 10K instead.

    Despite a terrible time, and finishing close to last (my normal placing) it was a fantastic little event.

  7. Good effort Steve - can't beat a post race retch. Did you make 71st though :)

  8. Nick; I hope we havnt used up all of this years sunshine allowance.

    Funderson;cant blame them. Art's cool but rivers and sticks a more fun.

    Martin; definitely up for a trot in the Peak.

    UC;V kind of you, thanks

    Jesie; Bily says thanks.

    Toni;Thanks. Another stick rescued from the river.

    Ross; We do have to keep a close eye on him and watch out for sheep etc. He has a good recall but still has his moments.

    The back is where you the nicest people.

    Matt; Yes. I still ended up in the bottom 50% (see comment above)

  9. Stephen, Did you take a look at all the paintings of Dovedale? I found them quite interesting. Noting how the trees have grown and even how some artists juggled around with the scenery to improve the composition.

  10. Hey up Terry
    I didnt get a proper look, unfortunately it was a flying visit.

    Victorian photoshopping!


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