Thursday, 5 May 2011

Gader again

 The  Cader Idris Fell Race comes of age this month. It is the 21st birthday of the Ras y Gader and I have just posted off my entry for this cracking race.

Mrs sbrt and I have been returning to this beautiful area, since our first camping trip together, many moons ago. It was love at first site. Long sandy beaches, the unspoilt Rhinnogs and of course the iconic Chair of Idris (Cader Idris, Gader Idris, or Cadair Idris).

 These Photos are from  a camping holiday two years ago (2009). I nipped out for an early morning run, stopping for a cereal bar breakfast, at Llyn Cau.       


  1. This sounds like a really great race, good luck to you!
    Absolutely amazing scenery for the race, as well.
    Do you take your Billy along for the trip?

  2. A superb area and no mistake. I always try to get over to Cader for a run when I'm over that way. Top mug shot!


  3. Hi Fella,

    Would love to be doing this one with you, but start a week away in Devon on that day, so a little gutted but might need a weekend off to be honest,

    Are you ready for the day out n Kinder? have a little trot planned, it's the Kinder Dozen, some of the route i have never trotted, so it would result in approx 8-9 hrs out,

    Just on the Cader race, the welsh consider this to be a sacred hill, it is steeped with mystique and fable, if you ask a Welsh man or woman then would say that this is their mountain! rather than any other...

    Ps hope you and Billy are good, and the house is on schedule!

  4. Hi Steve. I wish you "luck" in this race.
    I visited your entry "Ras and Garden" in 2010.
    beautiful landscapes!
    A kiss.

  5. Jessie; No dogs on this one. Just as well really. This out and back course, is steep and rocky so there is a good chance of ending up on my arse, even without the pester hound.

    Paul; True. This race would be about 40 miles too short for you =)

    Funderson; It is. My 3 megapixel phone pictures, dont do it justice.

  6. Martin; Have a good holiday mate. We must have a chat and sort dates out.

    Toni; Thanks. I have used both the Welsh and English for the hill known as Cadair Idris.

    This can get confusing. In Welsh(A Gaelic language, Spoken mostly in North Wales) It is written as Gader Idris or Cader Idris.

    Cadair Idris translates to Chair or stronghold of Idris (Idris is a legendary Giant).

    Ras y Gader = Cader Idris Race.

    Confusing? Yes but fun.

    All the best

  7. have brilliant trip. it's definitely a lovely spot and a hill we've been back to numerous times. we were also there in 2009, here's my early morning mug shot ;)

  8. Thanks Kate
    Smiley happy faces. I thinks your fizzog, compliments the mountains much better than mine =)

  9. Have a nice trip-race. The area looks beautiful for running!

  10. magbueno; Thanks. Its usually wet and cloudy which makes a clear day very special.

  11. Hi Steve. Thanks for the explanation.
    It is certainly confusing!!
    Well, certainly a beautiful mountain to enjoy running for her ... and feel free ....
    A greeting.

  12. great shots steve. have fun!


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