Monday, 4 June 2012

Dark over Bryns mothers

Carneddau fell race 2012 (cancelled) 

Due to High winds, rain and poor vis above 700m the 2012 Carneddau race was cancelled. Fair play to the RO, I am 100% behind his descision. It was grim up there and it would not have been right to ask marshals to stand about in such bad weather. 

Personally I would have been happy to race. To me bad weather is just part of the challenge of fell running.

After driving over to Bethesda from the Midlands it would have been a shame to just turn around and head home, so Jonathan and I headed up to Carnedd Dafydd for a soaking.

One to go on the calender for next year, unfinished business and all that. 


  1. Same as the Shakespeare Marathon this year (not that I went), a hard but sometimes neccessary decision.


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