Saturday, 14 July 2012

Bits and blogz

More stuff from the interweb that caught my eye.

Anton Kupicka does a fine  Ueli Srek impression on this vid

July in the Lakes, it must be time for the Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon

Three bloggers and three very different accounts of the 2012 SLMM:

Dawn took on the tough Klets course solo :0

Off course Phalarope  and her youngest son, stayed on course for a great result.

While the Derby Tup is slightly bemused by it all.

Saunders 2009 my 1st mm with top Navigator and true gent Norbert

If you haven't already visited the excellent  Mud, Sweat & Tears. Why not?
This write up of the Arrochar Alps race by the winner, Joe Symonds  is well worth a read.

Livi is well on her way to 1000 miles

Ultra running collie asks. Where have all the bloggers gone?

Tricky is still Running Around and staying positive

Terrybnd looks at budget lightweight tents from Wild Country

I look forward to watching Fellephant's next film. If it is a good as the Bedlamites, it will be a cracker.

Two that were posted just after this blog entry

Just us and a few friends Ran the very tough Wasdale fell race and even had time to take a few photos.
Ian's pictures are always Quality.

Halfway through 2012, Lynne reviews her progress.

Hope you are enjoying the liquid sunshine

All the best
Steve and Billy Bob dog

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