Sunday, 10 March 2013

Rab up warm dear

A Rab Photon belay jacket lives by our back door. Two in fact, Mrs sbrt also has one.  To use the current marketing w*nk word, its my 'go to jacket'.

Rab are based just up the road from me and although they manufacture abroad, they still fill  the down  kit,  in house. In my mind this makes them, sort of local. All of their kit that I have used, has been well designed and more than fit for purpose. I have had a couple of  minor quality control issues but as I said, I like their stuff and would recommend it. On top of that they sponsor the Rab Mountain Marathon. Tks fellas.

What's worrying me is the spread of Rabys. No, not hydrophobia. Its worse than that, far worse. Respected hardcore outdoor brands are becoming mainstream. Chavs, middle-aged shoppers, newsreaders and Countryfile presenters, can be seen wearing R Carringtons finest.

Rab Photon hoody being used for what was designed for.
Skimming stones.

It may already be too late for; Boghause, North farce, Lard Rover and  Mange Rover. Lets do what we can, to save Rab from this sad demise. Join Colonel mintcake and myself, in the campaign to get gear dirty. Its our only hope of keeping our outdoorsy cred.

Whatever next? Wet suits for swimming with dogs

Well it was October


  1. I think the chavs will be leaving Buffalo alone for a while yet.

  2. Its looking like a newsreader that bothers me most;)

  3. take it as a compliment steve..hooded chavs are wannabe fell types ;-)
    just like me i guess :-)

  4. With Billy being a Staffie cross, at least I will look the part.

  5. A bath in October!
    Brrrrr COLD!

    Good luck in the races!


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