Saturday, 27 February 2010

How it started, K2B

May 2002, I took part in the annual Keswick 2 Barrow Walk(K2B)
It all started after a Martial arts grading(Lau Gar Kung Fu The grading went well but I would have to train for three years before the next grading. This left a big gap with no short term target.
 I mentioned this to a work mate and close friend, Mark S. We talked about maybe doing a marathon or some sort of charity race/event but nothing really inspired us until another workmate, Alan G said 
 "My brother in law does the K2B ".
 That sounded interesting 'tell us more! '  
"40 miles in theLake District, you should have a go"
So we did, several times. 

Note plastic bag with time card ,fags and lighter.

We joined up with Paul, Mick (aka Flash & Dash), Jeanie and James. Then tagged on to RR Marine, who put us into teams and did a fantastic job supporting everyone over the weekend. I can never thank them enough for giving up there time to look after us. It is much appreciated.

It turned out we were in good company. Paul Mick and James were part of the winning team and Jeanie was captain of the first place ladies team, wow!

Mark and I had an enjoyable introduction to the K2B, with the bonus of our team, RolleRR Nuts winning a prize for most money raised.

I was still in denial, 'we just walked fast, jogged and staggered our way round'.........  'I am not a runner!'.  

The Finish. Vickers social club, Two free drinks and a bite to eat.
Its a long way to go for a free pint.