Sunday, 18 September 2011


To some the Rab MM may be no big deal but being a Navigationally challenged shuffler, it still puts 'the fear' into me.
Apparently this is a good thing and is normal.  A mixture of excitement and trepidation is what I am supposed to feel. Sports psychologists probably have a word for this, bricking it or shitting me sen, is  what we used to say when I were a lad.

With just one week to go, it was too late for any serious training so we just headed up to Edale  for a Sunday morning stagger. If we had headed up a day earlier, we could have bumped into seasoned mountain marathoner and top smudger Kate. Never mind maybe see you at the Rab?
This one is for Jessie.
I am guessing its the work of pacifist sheep. 

Nick nick, from the Nab

Thankfully Billy knows what the squiggly lines  on the map mean. I switched off when he started going on about aspect of contour.

Cooling off in Jaggers Clough
Jaggers clough  is named after the weathered, gritstone rock formations that  resemble the skin of ageing Rolling Stones front-man, Mick 'the cragger' Jagger. Of course the stones below are not really named after Mick Jagger. Those rocks are on Crookstone Knoll ;)

Everyone's a winner (Win Hill)

A slightly dfferent  kind ofWobble
Bonkers Bassmeister Jah Wobble and the beautiful voice of Sinead O'connor


  1. Lovely day for a wobble. Good luck for the Rab MM - I want to have a go at some of those next year.
    We have a Ronnie's Wood near us on account of it being a bit spindly.

  2. bet there were a few rolling stones underfoot too..i'll get me coat. when's the big event?

  3. Matt; Ha ha.

    It was lovely, thankfully there was plenty of water in the cloughs comming off Kinder.

    Dark and White are running a 3 round series of Mini mms this autumn/winter. Good fun if you dont fancy a 2 day event.

    UC;Keep em coming David.
    The Rab is this comming Weekeng. Cant wait.

  4. Have a good Rab, Steve. Looks like the weather's going to be ok for it. Cracking photies as usual!

  5. 4 Winds; Thanks Paul. Do you have anything planed, now you have recovered from the Lakeland 50?

  6. ah, shame we missed each other. but yes, we're going to the rab too :) would be great to meet up for a mid camp brew. we'll be the pair in the green laserlight ;) see ya at the weekend!!

  7. Kate; Ha ha! Cool, we will be the ones with 'Dark and White hair'. Ray has snow on his roof and what is left of mine is a bit darker.

  8. Have a nice Rab MM, I´m waiting for your report... I looks that you had a very nice morning. Good luck!

  9. I think I bought that album way back ...

    Thanks for the comment.

    There are some top, top photo's there. Reminds me why I must walk the Edale Skyline one day.

    Incidentally there is an article in this months TGO on the Edale Skyline.

  10. Magbueno; Thanks

    RW; The Skyline is a great route. I like the 2nd 1/2 best.

  11. A lovely peace sign it is, thanks!
    You will do wonderfully at the Rab MM, I'll be thinking of you and cheering you on from across the pond : ) Will Billy be there to help with topos? Such a cute pup!
    I shot chai out my nose at the Jagger caption...mercy. Who needs Monty Python when you've got SBRT.

  12. Jessie; You are welcome.
    Tks for the msg of support. No dogs on this one.

    It really is called Jaggers Clough but I dont know why.,+Derbyshire+[City/Town/Village]&searchp=ids.srf&mapp=map.srf

  13. Hi Steve. Planning a DIY home-grown ultra next summer, prob on Dartmoor. Think the Lakeland 100 won't leave me alone until I have a crack at it, though........


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