Sunday, 18 September 2011


To some the Rab MM may be no big deal but being a Navigationally challenged shuffler, it still puts 'the fear' into me.
Apparently this is a good thing and is normal.  A mixture of excitement and trepidation is what I am supposed to feel. Sports psychologists probably have a word for this, bricking it or shitting me sen, is  what we used to say when I were a lad.

With just one week to go, it was too late for any serious training so we just headed up to Edale  for a Sunday morning stagger. If we had headed up a day earlier, we could have bumped into seasoned mountain marathoner and top smudger Kate. Never mind maybe see you at the Rab?
This one is for Jessie.
I am guessing its the work of pacifist sheep. 

Nick nick, from the Nab

Thankfully Billy knows what the squiggly lines  on the map mean. I switched off when he started going on about aspect of contour.

Cooling off in Jaggers Clough
Jaggers clough  is named after the weathered, gritstone rock formations that  resemble the skin of ageing Rolling Stones front-man, Mick 'the cragger' Jagger. Of course the stones below are not really named after Mick Jagger. Those rocks are on Crookstone Knoll ;)

Everyone's a winner (Win Hill)

A slightly dfferent  kind ofWobble
Bonkers Bassmeister Jah Wobble and the beautiful voice of Sinead O'connor