Thursday, 9 June 2011

Rabba dabba do, Rab MnM September 2011

Ray and I failed the auditions for this video, of last years Rab Mountain Marathon. What do you mean too slow and fugly?

Never mind, we had such a good time we have decided to try again.  The competition area for the 2011 event has been announced, as somewhere in North Wales. They usually tell us the exact location, one month before the race but frown upon runners recceing the event area after the final notification.

Team Ibuprofen have not done any navigation based racing or training together for a while now.  Ray did a solo Mini MM (a 3hr score event), in April and I did a couple of recces for the Skyline early on in the year but apart from that, we haven't had to look at map and compass. Hopefully we will be able to get out in the hills together, for a practice.

Last  years race went well, we didn't disgrace ourselves and are hoping to build on that, maybe even do slightly better.

The Kit List will stay the same, with just a few tweaks, which means the only way to improve, is to get out there and 'do some'.

The end of day one. Time for a cuppa tea.

Photo and video from the Dark & White Challenge Events website.


  1. cant you just recce north wales?!

  2. Looks fun! I'm sure Team IB will be brilliant.
    I wonder if JP has any map reading skills. I have mad map FOLDING skills..

  3. Hi Steve.
    Great race! Reading maps!
    I see fun, and also difficult!

    A kiss. Y. .... lucky!

  4. UC; We are thought a train ride up Snowdon might be enough.

    Funderson; Map origami, cool!

    Toni; Thanks, we need all the luck we can get.

  5. Steve - I think it was just that they couldn't afford such a duo like you and Ray for their promo.
    What an amazing race and I'll be excited to hear where it is and how it goes for you.
    How much does your pack weigh with all of those items? You are tough!
    Jessie Pants

  6. Jessie; Tks you are very kind.

    Ray is a tough old goat(he is 63) But me nah! If I can do it anyone can.

    Packs weigh about 6kg(13 lb). This is as low as I can go and stay relatively comfy. the elites aim for 3kg (6 1/2 lb) and suffer.

  7. the real stars are at 2.25min ;) we've not entered yet, still debating whether or not to both go solo. ....might you fancy the saunders or know someone who does?

  8. Wow! you and Jane are Film stars.

    I would have loved to do the slmm. unfortunately I am out of action for a while.

  9. that's a shame. hope the back is improving :)


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