Tuesday, 13 March 2012

PB vs Billy B

Also available in blue
Walsh PB Elite Trainer vs Black bog dog

A gear test in the same style as Mudclaw vs muddy paw. The same in that it is completely unscientific, random and probably of very little use to anyone wanting to know about fell running shoes.

I have never run in Walshes. For some reason or other I have never got round to owning a pair of these iconic, fell running classics so I was looking forward to trying a  pair of Bolton's finest.

 First thoughts were that they look old fashioned,.If that sounds too harsh, consider them a pair of retro style trainers(still 'on trend' I believe).
Putting them on was a revelation. Slippers with studs is pretty much it. No whistles and bows, just a simple upper with a very grippy sole. Again bang up to date with  minimalist/barefoot thinking. Nice one Norman!

some rain

A look out the window and it is perfect weather for trying out my new fell shoes. Billy and I head out for a splash round our usual from the door run. 8K and 100metres of ascent, mostly grass, woodland and mud.

The result, in spite of Billy slipping over two times to my once (not from lack of grip I put my foot down a hole). The mut easily takes the win, he can still run quicker than me and is much faster drying than a pair of Walshes

What a stud