Thursday, 20 December 2012


1st snow of the season
Dark & White Mini MM
Edale 16/ 12/2012

After  Dove dallying around the White Peak, earlier on this year. It was time for some E-Dallying, up in the Dark Peak.
The last Dark & White  Mini Mountain Marathon of the year and another top event. This was a four hour score event and again, like the Coniston  Mini MM, we were allowed off piste. The mapping this time was by Ordnance Survey, as we were in the Peak district this was probably a good thing. Much as I like Harveys maps, O.S. do show access land better.

There was one other difference. Ray, the other half of team Ibuprofen could not come out to play. I was entered as a 'Billy no mates' solo. 

'Mmmm'. Martin G checks the map Rich can't bear to look

I wasn't totally alone.  Martin G, Richard P and I travelled Northwards together (this was Martin and Rich's first MMstyle event). Up in Edale there were a few other familiar faces, and a couple of new ones to meet.

 The Dark & White course planner, obviously knows this area well and scattered the 27 controls over 35 square km. In a way that gave us few easy options. Making it tough but fun.

All went well for me. Almost perfect weather and no nav mistakes. Even with hindsight and without faffing with the camera, I don't think I could have picked up many more points. Yeh! If I was a bit fitter and faster, I could have got more points but I finished in the top half of the results table and had a cracking four hours mucking about on Kinder.

Heading for the first control  of the day

Cheesy grins

I even caught this fella smiling for the camera, apparently a rare event.
 Good to meet again.

Good to meet you Mr Speed

And back up again
The run in. Via Grindsbrook

Best mince pie of the year. Thanks Eva!

Other Highlights and randoms

  • More photos here check out the number of smiley faces.

  • Adam's Red and yellow Walshes. Good to meet you fella.

  • Karma. Telling the guy in front his rucsac was unzipped, then minutes later being told my bumbag was open.

  • Meeting Matt, Excellent result Matt.

  • The heather was very trip-upable.

  • The heather was soft to land on.

  • Catching up with  Russ from the White Peak Fell Runners.

  • Crisp shortcrust pastry and a tangy filling. Mince pie of the year award goes to Eva.

  • waterfalls

  • Place name of the day. A tie between Dunge Clough and The Madwoman's Stones.

As always,  a big thank you to all who made it happen

Obviously I was far too young, to turn out a punk


  1. Sounds like you had a cracking event Steve. I'd had this one on my radar since the spring mini mm series (which I thoroughly enjoyed) but the date clashed with a trip to Scotland.
    Any chance of you uploading a photo/copy of the map so I can go and have a run round the route sometime? Cheers, Lynne

    1. Hi Lynne I have added a copy of the course map to the photos

  2. Replies
    1. Yep very enjoyable. Its good to get off the footpaths and into the less trodden bits.


  4. Thanks for the mention, seems like me and Rich P have got the MM Bug!

    1. Your welcome mate. Next thing you know you will be weighing all your kit and sharing a one man tent with a sweaty man :o


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